Le Guide Fooding

A cult following (Elle), “The bistronomic Bible” (Libération), “An essential” (Les Inrockuptibles), “Curiosity, humor, glamour and passion” (Le Figaro), “The most instinctively good restaurants in France” (L'Express Styles), “The new Bible of eating well” (Vanity Fair), “General arbiters of culinary cool” (Zagat U.S.), “Le Fooding is to cooking what the Nouvelle Vague was to cinema” (The New Yorker)

LE GUIDE FOODING : L’amour à la bouche

Le Guide Fooding invites you to dive into the sweet fires of pleasure to celebrate all kinds of culinary love: cooking with love, cooking because of love, plus making love before, after and while cooking! On the menu this year: umami-esque French kisses, smooching chefs, food porn that’ll make you drool…. And much more in our 800 favorite restaurants and our Bars d’auteur and Stylish Bedroom supplements. And don’t forget about the first Anti-Fooding Guide: 75 addresses that aren’t included in Le Guide Fooding but which you should still rush over to discover, for 75 good reasons!

Le Guide Fooding 2017, 196 pages: national release on November 10th, 2016
Classic edition: €9.90 in newsstands
Premium edition includes our “Califormiam-miam in France” map, a Cali-Frenchy dictionary that will teach you all about "banchan", "danger dogs", "micheladas" and other treats from the Sunkist State: €12.90 in all good bookstores, and here.



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The entire Guide Fooding has been updated in real time (over 2,000 trendy restaurants and stylish bedrooms), and includes the cult classic Eat List, weekend destinations and the My Fooding notebook, where you can explore and dismantle the Taste of the Times.
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