Kasha, Paris / DOD Architecte

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Ballroom du Beef Club

Hidden underneath the Beef Club, there’s a speakeasy that you access via a discreet door on rue Jean-Jacques-Rousseau. The Ballroom feels like Al Capones’ headquarters, with a shadowy ambiance, an ornate tin ceiling and big…

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Spoon 2

Listen up, millennials! You were just a newborn when the grandfather of world gastronomy, Alain Ducasse, opened Spoon near the Champs-Elysées, with his interactive international menu. It was revolutionary at the time, with its fun, open-minded…

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Amastan, Paris

After a few years adventuring between Paris and New York, the young entrepreneur Zied Sanhaji (28 years old) finally settled down in the 8th arrondissement and opened up his own place: Amastan, a somber and timeless space, nothing like the cramped...
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Eat here now


The hyperactive Palissade has been discreetly hidden away for about a year now. But we thought the unadorned rough-and-tumble neighborhood bistro (random furniture, exposed brick and stone walls, industrial lampshades…) deserved an article of its own…

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